Samples of my work

Ben P. Rosenfield - Shaping Marketing

My ability to shape the vision, strategy, message, and media for marketing and communications comes from hard-earned, multidisciplinary experience. The samples presented here show the end results of strategic roadmaps I’ve developed for manufacturing, financial services, B2B publishing, and non-profit. All are positioned to engage, educate, and inspire. Click on a link to view the entire sample at full size.

Marketing communications and content marketing
Success in marketing communications relies on a high level of collaboration and consensus-building, as well as the ability to develop subject-matter expertise quickly, whether describing products, demonstrating brand authority, or educating and engaging consumers. A modular approach to content creation makes almost any part of the collateral useful as talking points, parts of a presentation, and more. The examples shared here include marketing literature I wrote for The Lafayette Life Insurance Company, product literature that I wrote for use by the Champion Home Exteriors sales force, custom content I created for an article about products from Champion Home Exteriors that appeared in print and on the Web, and blog posts I created for Champion Home Exteriors as part of my content-marketing strategy for the company.

• The Lafayette Life Insurance Company: Patriot 15 Whole Life Insurance
• Champion Home Exteriors: TimberStack
• Champion Home Exteriors: Every Home Needs a Champion
• Champion Home Exteriors: Roof Replacement: Problems and Solutions
• Champion Home Exteriors: Demystifying Ice Dams
• Champion Home Exteriors: How to Handle Home and Garden Shows
• Champion Home Exteriors: Feeling the Stress of Thermal Cycling
• Champion Home Exteriors: Improve Your Outlook with Replacement Windows
• Champion Home Exteriors: Making a Difference in the Community

B2B publishing
Having served as managing editor of as many as three B2B magazine titles at once, I’m accustomed to collaborating deeply, writing, editing, proofing, and guiding production workflows on a regular basis. Such a role requires me to be creative, focus on quality and deadlines, network extensively, manage contributors, work independently and as part of a team, and more. These samples represent a variety of styles and subjects. Sources are Industrial + Specialty Printing, Package Design, and Screen Printing magazines. I wrote all of these articles and departmental items.

• Industrial + Specialty Printing: Getting a Handle on Hot Stamping
• Industrial + Specialty Printing: The Joy of Specs
• Package Design: Far Beyond Farming
• Package Design: Snapshots
• Package Design: Media and Machines
• Package Design: Front Panel
• Screen Printing: Fulfillment—A New Service Frontier
• Screen Printing: The Perils of Presenteeism
• Screen Printing: From Panhead Harleys to Process Color

Sustainability of a non-profit hinges on its ability to raise awareness and funds. I created a Website, capital-campaign book, and a variety of event-promotion and event-registration materials to help Children’s Dyslexia Centers of Cincinnati in those tasks. The capital-campaign book, in particular, demonstrates comprehensive content creation, from concept to distribution.

• Children’s Dyslexia Centers of Cincinnati: Capital-campaign book

Membership communications
Keeping members in the loop is a primary duty of any association or organization. These samples are from The Rite Recorder, the monthly publication I write, edit, and design for the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Cincinnati, a 501(c)(10) Domestic Fraternal Society. Digital media under my management include a Website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram account.

• Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Cincinnati: The Ward of the Ring
• Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Cincinnati: Spring Reunion

I custom-built Websites for the following organizations and businesses on the WordPress publishing platform. Client requirements related to budget, speed to market, or internal ownership and management necessitated this approach to site construction. I designed each from the ground up, developed editorial and graphical content with client input, and customized aesthetics and functionality to meet client needs. Of course, I also designed the site you’re using right now.

• Hamilton County Veterans Service Commission
• Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
• Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Cincinnati
• Children’s Dyslexia Centers of Cincinnati
• Buckeye Land Title Company
• Cincinnati Masonic Center