What I do (and what we can do together)

Ben P. Rosenfield - a lot of variety from one source

My professional experience—nearly 20 years in the game—enables me to conceptualize, create, distribute, measure, and manage a wide range of communications and marketing products and processes. You get a lot of variety from one source—and it’s all fresh. Now, read on to discover how I combine my skills to deliver on that promise.

Working successfully with people at all levels of a business or organization is an important part of what I do. I partner with executives, directors and managers of products and personnel, PR and marketing professionals, and other key decision-makers regularly. I rely on them to share information, provide critical details, network, and lots more. I also communicate with the individual contributors, customers, and end users to incorporate their voice into my work.

My goal is to create an experience for existing and prospective customers that engages, educates, and inspires. This approach answers the audience’s ultimate question: “What’s in it for me?” It also elicits the ultimate response: “I didn’t know that was possible.” The formula? Creating high-quality, meaningful content with a strong emphasis on pull and a very personal voice and tone, and then leveraging advanced marketing technologies to deliver the value proposition to the audience in a variety of ways and evaluate the effort objectively, guide refinement, and develop an even deeper understanding of the audience.

I enjoy communicating complicated subject matter in an approachable way, and I become an expert-generalist quickly to effectively present a value proposition that’s easy to appreciate. Writing for a variety of audiences enables me to explore a broad range of topics and satisfy my desire to learn continuously. I’ve worked crowds in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C—from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Innovative instruments for non-invasive surgical procedures, specialized intervention for children who struggle with dyslexia, tools and processes for graphics printing, trends in consumer packaged goods, color science and color-management technology, cutting-edge solutions for industrial manufacturing, and insurance and financial services for affluent and mass-affluent markets are but a handful of the subjects I’ve addressed. I’m internationally published. Seeing my byline in Cyrillic was interesting.

Many who are experts in their fields are not necessarily professional writers or communicators. They have the good fortune of knowing what they’re talking about, and they can turn around a factually accurate piece of work, but the editors on the receiving end of the submissions often find themselves eating soup with a fork. I eagerly accept these challenges and have considerable experience (and success) with editing all flavors of content—including extremely technical or jargon-heavy material.

Graphics and desktop publishing
I favor clean, approachable visual content and layouts. Graphics should always complement, reinforce, and augment editorial. I use Adobe Creative Cloud software regularly to generate and edit graphics for use online and in publications, marketing materials, displays, and other projects. InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are my go-to apps.

The inbox is a bloodied battlefield. That’s why we must get right to the point. A concise envelope, a subject that balances honesty with creativity (no clickbait), high-impact and quickly accessible hero content, and awareness/responsiveness to mobile devices are of paramount importance. Clean, modular layouts with an emphasis on legibility, strong and simple calls to action, and vertical-only scrolling are where it’s at for me.

Proficiency in HTML is something I developed in the mid-1990s. Hand-coding HTML back then, when gray page backgrounds and blue hyperlinks were common, wasn’t bad; but these days, I prefer to use robust, multifunctional content-management systems. I build sites in Dreamweaver, on the WordPress platform, and I’m now working on developing proficiency in Adobe Muse. I still focus on hand-coding in HTML and with CSS, and both come in handy for problem solving and customization when using WYSIWYG tools. I confess right away that I cannot write code in advanced languages such as PHP, Perl, Java, C#, etc. Nobody’s perfect.